Elestial Records’ goal is to unite artists and healers of any and every culture, color, country, religion, generation and social group to bring Peace, Love, Harmony & Bliss to all those who desire it.

It is achieved through gathering people together to write, record and perform heartfelt and mind boggling music for the Greater Good of all Beings and Creation…
The label is a non-profit organization founded on Halloween 2006 in London. Its base and its founder Daniel Symons (aka Dymons) are based by the picturesque and inspiring lake Geneva at the feet of the Alps in Switzerland.

Elestial Records’ first release is Dymons’ solo album “Druids Brew” featuring guests from Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Canada and Switzerland.
The second release is “Cosmosophy – Organic Space Age” written and produced by Pearce van der Merwe (aka Flooting Groove) and Daniel Symons.

It features artists from South Africa, Cuba and Canada.

Genres: World Fusion, Dub, Breaks, Tribal/Ethnic, Ambient, Chill, Meditation, Electronica, Downtempo, Progressive, Trance ‘n Dance,… Mostly being a mixture of all these with a psychedelic edge…

An elestial crystal is a form of quartz also know as the enchanted crystal and is said to have many metaphysical properties… Blessed be your celestial dreams !
And Cosmosophy is a new way of looking at all phenomena… from the most distant galaxies to the human brain… so as to reveal how we are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the Universe, which makes us co-creators of its wonders. The word means ‘the wisdom of the Cosmos’, but it could just as easily be defined as the confluence between Cosmology, or the study of the Universe, and Philosophy, or the love of wisdom.